Sunday, February 24, 2008

System C 2.2.0

I am installing System C on a Redhat Linux 8.0 System.
I understand redhat 8 will be compatible to run the system. All Experiences will be posted here.

1.0 The installation Make file is encountering error while installing QT .
At present I am fighting with the Makefile and see what I can do.

Found a solutions- couple of config files did not have the +x execution turned on. That fixed the Compiler Problem. What a waste of human life- it took about 8 hours to track this one. Hardware guys have to learn to make better gmake files.

The system now crashing for sysmc.h include files- yikes.
I am fighting with this one, looks like a great way to spend the Saturday.
I am just curious, why system C does not have a decent Wiki. What is the problem?

I have a feeling that embedded system types are reluctant to embrace technology. a friend of mine has disconnected Internet for his Development system- Go figure.

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